Dear Cliff,

Well, we are just about back to earth after hosting 2 weddings in the last 8 months. And with some time to reflect on each of the weddings, I want to say "thank you, from the bottom of my heart". You turned both weddings into two amazing events.

Our goal was to have beautiful ceremonies and the "party of a life time" celebrating the marriages of our children.

How does one accomplish that? With music of course! And we chose YOU to help us make both weddings run seamlessly from one moment to the next.

During the ceremonies you remained hidden as were the speakers, but we were surrounded by music and the timing was impeccable. It felt as if the sky had opened and was sending music just to us.

Next, to the party, during the appetizer hour we gave you carte blanche as to the choice of music played and with both weddings you chose perfect background music helping our guests get ready for great parties and waiting for more. The music was played at just the right pitch, not too loud to be overbearing, but definitely heard.

As master of ceremonies, from the grand entrance to the last song of the night, your timing was perfect. Both weddings ran smoothly, from the first dance, to speeches, to toasts, to bouquet toss, to garter toss, to cutting the cake...everything. I know each of the girls gave you a list of a few "must play" songs (which you did play) but not enough music for the entire night. I loved the way you and Gary were able to read the guests and keep everyone dancing, the young, the old and the in between. Your song choices were perfect and the dance floor was never empty. If people weren't dancing they were taking pictures in the photo booth and then back to the dance floor. Everyone was busy and had a blast.

No one wanted the parties to end and people stayed until we finally had to say "lights out". So again, I want to thank you and your staff for an amazing job in making our children's weddings "The Party(s) of a Lifetime".

Ellen H., Camarillo, CA